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Alpine Strawberries - The Earliest Fruit in my Garden

Nicola Bludau

I ate some alpine strawberries already, they are slightly earlier than the usual strawberries I have in my garden (the variety name is lost since a long time). It is difficult to harvest your own fruit year round in cool climate. There's really nothing ripening in early spring apart from rhubarb which is not really a fruit.

I found that they are less prone to slug munching because the berries stay higher and off the ground whereas usual strawberries lay on the ground once the fruit is mature.

I sell a lot of different alpine strawberry varieties, the berry colour is red, yellow or white:
Alpine Strawberries

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  • Larissa on

    Hello dear Nicola
    I found your blog from
    Listed your articles back and!!! Suddenly i see quite Siberian strawberry, which you call alpine strawberry. Very funny!
    And very nice that we have so much in common with Australia, hot sunny Australia. Actually hear summer is also very hot and sunny and we grow grape. Those strawberry we have plenty, just “strawberry fields forever” in our forests, At season we pick them and make jam/ BUT! Last years we found much better way to conserve summer for winter. We freeze berries.
    Please, if you have time, watch pictures of our garden and forest treasures. It’s here:
    I’ve read that it is difficult at your place to own garden. Here it’s different. Many-many people can own some land, build little (or big) house and grow whatever they like. Some people now have chicken or rabbits (people are waiting for awful crisis).
    So, please, tell everybody who wants some land! Let them come to Russia, Siberia. Here a lot of free land. But we have huge problem! Winter.
    If you have some questions on our plants i’d reply with pleasure…
    All the best

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