News and Updates

News and Updates

We have been busy, very busy and still are but things are slowing down somewhat and the first frost shows in the morning. Mt Tomah in beautiful autumn colours.


Katoomaba Garden Gallery:

I stop selling at the Coop because my plants are now available at the new Katoomba Garden Gallery around the corner in Pioneer Place next to 'Baker's Delight' were the old Katoomba nursery was. Sally reopened the place and although it still looks a bit unfinnished, come spring there will be a mixture of perennial plants, herbs, succulents, vegetable seedlings antiques and garden art.

Katoomba Garden Gallery is opened Friday to Monday and closed on Tuesday to Thursday.

No Markets in Winter:

I dedcided not to do markets in winter (Lawson and Blackheath), because so many of my plants go dormant during winter, there's just not too much to sell! There are still plants at the Katoomba Garden Gallery - and we all want a nursery in Katoomba!

Printed Plant Tags:

No more unreadable hand written tags. At least for most of the plants I will soon get properly printed tags which you actually can read Latin and English!

Pots rather than Bare Rooted:

Due to the work involved bare rooting plants I will change my system and send out plants in small pots (50 to 100 mm). In the meantime there will be a mixture between pots and bare rooted plants. Bigger plants are available offline at the nursery or in the Katoomba Garden Gallery.

Collector's Plant Fair:

We participated for the plant collector's fair for the first time this year. It was a great experience and we will be back next year!

collector's fair

Leura Harvest Festival:

We participated as well in Leura harvest festival, sorry, no picture!

Finally Harvested Yacon:

I finally dug up my yacon and replanted two beds of them. I know that other gardeners do store them in a frost free place in winter, but I'm lacking such a place and replant right away and mulch them heavily. Probably I'll lose some due to frost. I made a very limited number available.Now we eat a lot of yacon!



Nicola Bludau


Nicola Bludau

no, Dieter we cannot exporet plants, they would arrive dead – even though Germany does not have strict import rules!!

Nicola Bludau

Can Young export plants to Germany?
Greatings Dieter

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