Common Herbs for common complaints, Date: 20. October 2018, 9-12am


Get familiar with herbs.  Learn how to grow, harvest, dry and use a variety of common medicinal herbs.  Walk around our beautiful herb garden and get hands-on experience with herbs.  How they grow, what they look, smell and taste like.  How to harvest and dry herbs so they maintain their full potency.  Learn how to make smudge sticks with common herbs. 

When is the right time to harvest? How to dry herbs so that they don’t lose potency? How to use herbs in teas? How to grow herbs? How to make smudge sticks with common herbs?  Look at the plants, smell and try them. We use common herbs like: echinacea, sage, thyme, calendula, mint, lemon balm, chamomile, holy basil, catnip, elder, dandelion, marshmallow, feverfew or nettle, depending on availability.

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