Mint, Japanese Menthol, Mentha arvensis var piperascens

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Japanese Menthol Mint to Unblock your Sinuses!

The Mint with the Highest Menthol Content:

Japanese menthol mint is grown commercially because of the high menthol content. It is the mint Japanese mint oil is made of.

The next time you have a cold try  a handfull of Japanese menthol mint for steam inhalation it helps to unblock your nose and sinuses. It is used as well for headaches.

The refreshing aroma makes a good addition in cosmetics and baths too.

Japanese menthol mint is perfectly edible but the taste is maybe a bit too strong for most tastes. This  strong aroma makes it one of the best mints for repelling insects, mice and rats.

How to plant Japanese Menthol Mint:

As any other mint, Japanese menthol mint grows in sun or shade, but produces more oil in a sunny spot. It grows well in containers too. Mints are good companions to fruit trees.

Other common names: field mint

I wrote a blog entry about all the mint varieties and cultivars available in Australia:

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